Emilia NoormahomedProfessor Emilia Noormahomed is from December 2nd, 2014, Full Professor, the highest category in the university teaching career. She managed this feat after passing the public exam, which consisted on a presentation and discussion of their curriculum vitae, a research project, about “Sero prevalence of cysticercosis in different segments of the population of patients seen at the Hospital and Health Center of Mavalane, Inhaca Health Center and a Study of Genetic Variants of Cysticercus Cellulose in Mozambique “and in presenting a master class about” malaria control aspects in Mozambique “.

The Promotion Tests to Full Professor in Human Parasitology were evaluated by an international jury, chaired by Professor Orlando Quilambo, Rector of the University Eduardo Mondlane – UEM, which also included Professor Carmen Mascaró of the University of Granada – Spain and Professor Virgilio do Rosario from the New University of Lisbon – Portugal. The jury found that Professor Noormahomed gathered relevant documentation attesting to her rich experience of teaching and investigator and defended a relevant research project, which will definitely contribute to the development of scientific research in Mozambique and Africa in general, in the area of bio-medical science and therefore deserving this promotion to Full Professor.

It’s immediate challenge of the newest Full Professor of UEM, turn the Parasitology Laboratory of the School of Medicine in a Reference Laboratory for Infectious Diseases at National and Regional level, and also training researchers to develop relevant operational research to solve health problems of Mozambique and the region, using economically sustainable techniques.

Professor Emilia Noormahomed also lectures at the University of California San Diego – USA, teaches and coordinates the Master’s courses in UniLúrio, is co-founder of the Working Group on Cysticiscosis at the level of Southern and Eastern Africa and is part of many other educational and research network groups in bio-medical sciences at global level. She has 14 publications in national and international specialized magazines.

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