“Anxious and frightened: Without vaccines, health-care workers in Africa dying of COVID-19”

A CTV Newson19/2/21 reports “Anxious and frightened: Without vaccines, health-care workers in Africa dying of COVID-19”, an anxiety and fear shared by many health professionals due to the lack of the vaccine and the fact that the number of deaths is growing every day. Health professionals were interviewed, among and we highlight the intervention of Full Professor Emília Noormahomed, microbiologist at Eduardo Mondlane University, who states:

‘Like I can’t breathe,” she says. It’s a fear and anxiety shared by many of her colleagues as the death toll of those they know climb each day. stated“We are not only seeing health workers dying, physicians die, but also every day we hear about someone that we know who passed away of COVID – every day now. So, it’s really very painful, very sad”.

In the same report, a specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Lúcia Chambal, from Maputo Central Hospital and coordinator of COVID-19 in that health unit, adverts “This second wave is hard, it’s getting hard for us. We can see younger people coming to the hospital. We have people dying in younger age, with no comorbidities so this variant is rare, it’s very, very dangerous.”

The report that highlights the inequality of opportunities in the health system between developed and developing countries and mentions: “Health-care workers like Noormahomed are trying to call attention to their flight. They understand that wealthier countries are struggling to contain their own outbreaks, but they do not have limited resources the way developing countries like Mozambique does.”

“Around the world, nearly 195 million shots have been given to protect people against SARS-CoV-2 so far, with medical workers given priority in the majority of cases. But of those shots, 10 countries account for almost 90 per cent of them. And roughly three-quarters have been administered by 10 of the world’s wealthiest countries. More than 115 countries have yet to start immunizations”. read full report at the following link:https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/anxious-and-frightened-without-vaccines-health-care-workers-in-africa-dying-of-covid-19-1.5316998

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