“Unprotected African health workers die, while rich countries buy COVID-19 vaccines”

(Photo by KB Mpofu/Getty Images)

In an a report entitled: “Unprotected African health workers die as rich countries buy up COVID-19 vaccines (African health professionals die unprotected, while their colleagues in rich countries get vaccine against Covid-19)” published by the magazine “Science”,  Full Professor Emília Noormahomed from Eduardo Mondlane University commented that the loss of doctors negatively affects Mozambique, where eight doctors are to100,000 people, therefore the need to prioritize the administration of vaccines to the  health professionals who are working and caring for patients with COVID-19.

The report highlights the death of health professionals in Africa, mentions that South Africa is the first country on the continent to introduce the vaccine against COVID-19, also informs that the World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations have been working to reduce inequalities in global access to vaccines.

“COVAX expects to start supplying countries with their vaccine this February, estimating to cover 300 million doses this semester, including 1.5 million to Zimbabwe and 2.43 million to Mozambique,” ​​in the report that you can read in full at the link.


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