MIHER –mobilizing resources for prevention, treatment and mitigation of SARS-CO-2 infection and other endemic diseases

Within the scope of the prevention and treatment of SARS-VOC-2 infection, the Mozambique Institute for Health Education and Research (MIHER) has been organizing webinars and workshops in the scope of medical and other health professionals education in collaboration with the Mozambican health professionals in partnership with the University of California San Diego in United States of America and GILEAD Sciences in Brazil.

These update and refreshing training sessions for physicians and other health professionals, also includes the participation of scientists and researchers from AFREhealth- an African forum which comprises more than 70 medical and other health professionals schools intended to promote the scale up of health professional training, develop scientific research and foster collaboration south south to share knowledge and promote technology.  In these sessions, topics related to biosafety, epidemiology, clinical management and Covid-19 patientstreatment are being presented and discussed  as well as for another infectiousdiseases such as HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. In addition to that, topics related to scientific and grant writing are also discussed in this sessions.

Last January, 2020 in partnership with the University of California San Diego and the GILEAD Foundation, a philanthropic organization, MIHER donated Remdesivir(Remidia) to the Ministry of Health of Mozambique, a drug with antiretroviral actionagainst the new coronavirus. The drug is intended to support the treatment of health professionals who are at the front line of combating COVID-19 if eventually become infected.

Of remark that MIHER is ascientific non-profit institution created in 2011 which works in partnership with national, regional and international public universities, government institutions, non governmental organizations and bilateral cooperation agencies.

Follow us on our website – www.miher.org – the next training sessions to be announced soon.

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