HEALTH FAIR ON CLUBFOOTThe Mozambique Clubfoot Program – MCP, implemented in the country since 2013, in a partnership between Cure International, the Ministry of Health and MIHER, as part of its strategy for disseminating information about Clubfoot, organized a Health Fair on Clubfoot in the city of Xai-Xai in Gaza province on the 17th of September 2016.

On one hand, the main objective of the Health Fair on Clubfoot was to strengthen the commitment of health authorities and other promotional key actors and the provision of health care at the level of the Gaza province, so that the materials and staff training conditions that MCP provides to health facilities, enable effective, accessible and appropriate treatment for all children born with Clubfoot. On the other hand, it was to convey to the communities, appropriate and reliable information about Clubfoot, its causes and treatment now available at Health Units. In order to effectively attain these objectives, heath specialists were summoned to conduct explanatory lectures about the causes and treatment of clubfoot where videos and theatrical pieces were projected displaying the appropriate conduct to adopt in case a child is born with clubfoot in the community.

HEALTH FAIR ON CLUBFOOTDuring the fair, which was attended by about a thousand people, including government entities, community and religious leaders, health workers, non-governmental organizations operating in the field of public health, parents and guardians and students from surrounding schools to provide an explanation about the functionality of Clubfoot clinics in the provincial hospitals of Xai-Xai and Inhambane and Maputo Central Hospital, as well as the organization and management of the National Program for Clubfoot treatment in itself, a clinical screening and public treatment of identified cases and the presentation of boys who were carriers of this strain was made, which were treated under this program and today they are fully cured.

At this fair, and under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Health Directorate, there were other public health activities, such as measuring blood pressure, blood sugar and blood donation

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