SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE WRITINGA Scientific Article Writing Course, jointly organized by the Institute of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from the New University of Lisbon, MIHER, University Eduardo Mondlane and the Women of Portuguese Language Network in Tropical Health, held in Quelimane, Zambezia province, with the support of the Office of the Governor’s Wife and also held in Maputo last November, addressed to women working in the field of biomedical sciences, namely, Medicine, Biology and Pharmacy, in order to endow them with skills in writing and publish scientific articles.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE WRITING Ms. Vice Rector for Academic Area of UEM, Professor Ana Monjana who carried out the Official Inauguration of the workshop in Maputo, welcomed the initiative and encouraged its extension and replication to other fields of knowledge, in coordination with the Center of the UEM Gender Affairs, because the domain in scientific writing reduces barriers that for social and historical reasons women still face in their professional and academic development. The course received technical facilitation from reputable teachers both National and Portuguese researchers under the Scientific and Pedagogical coordination of Assistant Professor Isabel Mauricio, PhD in biomedical sciences and with extensive research activity, particularly in Leishmaniasis. Professor Isabel Mauricio is also interested in new test compounds against helminths and molecular epidemiology.

In two sessions, 44 women scientists, among doctors, researchers and graduates, attended the course and at the end of the training, proved to be pleased with the content taught mainly for enabling good prospects of progress in a scientific academic career.

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