About hundred Mozambican scholars sponsored and mentored on their masters and doctoral programs

“Enhanced Advanced Biomedical Research Training for Mozambique”, a project also called D43 implemented by MIHER – (Mozambican Institute for Health Education and Research) was built on the successful Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) between Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) and University of California San Diego (UCSD).

This project, aims to provide the new generation of faculties, physicians and researchers with didactic, research and mentorship skills at UEM and allied Mozambican Institutions (University of Lurio, National Institute of Health).

Professor Emilia Virgínia Noormamad, main research of the project, took part of the 3rd AfriHealth Symposium in August 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria and spoke about the program which is building in Mozambique a solid infrastructure of research in health.

During her presentation, the professor Noormamad explained that trough the project D43

“we have sponsored and mentored students enrolled in existing master programs at UEM and at University of Lurio, North of Mozambique.  As a result, 10 students finished master programs and the same number a still doing their master studies. Two Mozambican scholars are doing the PhD studies on the related field and more than 15 junior faculties and researchers are also been mentored under these programs”.

She also added that as a result of indirect outcomes, “between 2016-2018, eight-seven Mozambican scholars obtained Master degrees in fields related of Health and sixty-four students obtained a post graduate diploma”.

Professor Emília Noormamad also mentioned that through the project D43 “we have published 19 manuscripts involving 78 Mozambicans and 34 foreigners (American, European and African Universities)”.

Although this success there are still some challenges that the project is facing, namely shortage of skilled mentors; written and spoken English language fluency; lack of advanced biostatistics (data analysis and results presentation) and significant delays in the ethical clearance.

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